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Hey, High Achieving Women: Ready to ditch self-destructive habits for good? Look no further, I rewire patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior lightning-fast. With precision and artistry, Cheryl delves deep into the unconscious mind to update outdated patterns and guide lasting change on every level - cognitive, emotional, biochemical, and energetic. But beware: Cheryl only works with folks ready to shake things up and unlock their full potential. Let's disrupt those bad habits and witness spectacular results, together.

Cheryl, a Certified Life, NLP, Hypnosis coach couples evidence based tools with in the moment  real time coaching. By offering sessions at the time the issue is happening day or night she has been able to break through problem patterns that may have lasted for years.  Here are the results you can expect by working with me.

* Freedom From Procrastination

* Freedom from OverEating

* Freedom from Overworking

* Freedom from Sleep Issues

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How to Sleep Better Tonight

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My Story

I’ll never forget the day in 2016 my doctor gave me a referral for weight loss surgery.  Holding back tears, I couldn't get out of the doctor's office fast enough so I could sit alone in my car and cry.  I weighed 266 lbs and had the lab results to prove it. The doctor was worried. My physical health was in danger and after dieting and failing for two decades, I guessed this was it...  

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I signed up to work with Cheryl Banko for 6 sessions. 

 Was I ready to work?  YES

 Did I lose weight? YES

Was it all about food?  NOT really!

My brain was ready to learn new ways to see all aspects of my life. My thoughts needed to change and better serve me. Once I grasped that losing weight was so effortless. I look in the mirror and smile because I love myself and  I can truly see the BEST self I have ever been. Cheryl gets you to understand your thought process so quickly it makes your head spin. AND then life is never the same.

 I can't imagine my life better than it is right now but I am willing to bet it definitely will improve... I just signed up for another 6 sessions


I’ve been wanting to write this for a week now and, honestly, it’s just really hard to put into words. Bear with me!

I’ve know Cheryl Banko for years now. I met her at one of the lowest points of my life, when chronic pain had destroyed my self worth. Cheryl was able to teach me how to think differently, not just about myself. About everything. The pain has remained a constant - Until last week..

Cheryl taught me neuroscience techniques over Zoom to help with my pain. I was skeptical but she had made such a difference before so why not?? By the end of one session, I was virtually pain free (I’m never pain free unless pharmaceuticals are involved). I could actually feel the pain in my neck and shoulders calm and quiet as Cheryl guided me. It moved both of us to tears. I’ve felt the best I have felt in I don’t know how many years. I’m still in awe and a little bit of disbelief. But when I start to feel lousy I do the techniques on my own. It really works. I‘m forever grateful to you Cheryl!

Please, if you’ve been on the fence about reaching out to her, do it. You won’t regret it!

Cheryl, you’re amazing!


Suzanne MacPhee Krull

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Being a busy doctor I don't have time for sleepless nights. Cheryl's sleep protocol continues to be my nightly rescue at 3 am when I need to quickly fall back asleep to be ready to take care of patients refreshed the next day.

Dr. Matthea Rentea

I’ve been meeting with Cheryl for a few weeks now for life & weight loss coaching. Had a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH last week. I was able to really feel and process my feeling for the first time in my life!!!!

I have been in therapy for nearly 10 years, I have trauma from childhood & more I’ve been working through. I’ve made lots of progress in therapy. However, coaching with Cheryl in a few weeks is making a difference that I didn’t realize was possible. I feel excited and hopeful. Coaching with Cheryl is priceless.

Best gift you can give yourself.

Julie Swiderski

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