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The Full Story

I’ll never forget the day in 2016 my doctor gave me a referral for weight loss surgery.  Holding back tears, I couldn't get out of the doctor's office fast enough so I could sit alone in my car and cry.  I weighed 266 lbs and had the lab results to prove it. The doctor was worried. My physical health was in danger and after dieting and failing for two decades, I guessed this was it.  What the doc didn’t know was my physical health was only half of the problem.  I was sad most of the time - depressed for years. No matter what I did, nothing helped me feel better.  I'd ask for help like society always said to do and no one could help.  I went to counselors and psychiatrists but all they ever did was listen to me talk and tell me how lucky I was and how I shouldn't feel the way I do.  I wanted them to help me be stronger and have more willpower so I could stick on a diet and not fail again.  Eating to escape the fact that you are eating. Weight loss today will kill you long before you actually die when you are living like I was. I felt it was time for surgery when I had no options left.  But this voice inside my head kept saying, “this isn’t you.”  I couldn’t bring myself to make the appointment, but I did something better.  I started taking care of myself.  I quit drinking and started practicing yoga, but it wasn’t until I started life coach school I became alive again. My internal sickness disappeared and my extra weight went with it. I have lost 60 lbs since that day with the Doc and she still can’t believe it.  Now it is my mission to help other women step out of the diet mentality hell and learn it’s not their willpower. Diets of the past only caused more harm than good.  Life coaching the way I've been taught get's to the cause which is always healing from the inside out.

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